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Simple data management

erwin provides organizations worldwide with industry-leading data modeling software trusted by more than 50,000 data professionals. This unified platform for enterprise metadata management is designed to maximize the value in your data.

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Unlock complex data structures.

Extract metadata with ease. Use erwin Safyr Option for ERP to pull metadata from a wide range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other cloud-based systems and convert their proprietary data dictionaries into intuitive data models.

Now, it’s simple to clearly understand the data structures and definitions within these systems and better leverage your data as an asset. With enhanced quality and lower maintenance costs, the Safyr Option for ERP is your simple solution for transforming enterprise application metadata.

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Of the modeling tools I’ve been exposed to, erwin has always been my favorite. It is the most intuitive to grasp, and users become proficient at a basic level very quickly. Mike Matthews, BI Enterprise Architect
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Visualize important metadata information.

With erwin Web Portal, authorized stakeholders can use a customizable web-based interface to visualize their most important data assets. All data information is presented in an intuitive and easily accessible web platform for a wide range of user types.

erwin Web Portal gives you the power to:

  • Offer collaborative, self-service data access.
  • Get mission-critical applications live faster.
  • Give stakeholders access to data.
  • Gain visual interpretations of important metadata.

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Get the data definition you need.

erwin Data Governance provides an ISO 11179-based business glossary to capture, define, maintain and implement an enterprise business collection of terminology, data definitions, code sets, domains, validation rules and more.

Your organization can communicate, manage and deploy data governance policies simply. And, information can be shared across a broad array of architectures using active data governance.

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