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Protection, access and greater visibility

Citrix offers best-in-class security without compromising efficiency. Ensure your employees, contractors and partners can access the resources they need — in the office or remotely.

Higher access means higher risk. Citrix keeps you secure. End-to-end visibility of all connections, traffic and user activity enables you to address privacy, compliance and risk management without limiting productivity.

Make mobility work.

Mobile-ready agencies gain three additional hours of productivity per employee, per week. Citrix solutions for state and local government help you:

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Protect data.

Secure sensitive information with flexible, multilevel access for authorized personnel.

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Respond in real time.

Desktops, apps and data remain accessible before, during and after disasters.

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Boost availability.

Increase productivity by enabling uninterrupted access from location to location.

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Spend wisely.

Meet the needs of all employees, contractors and partners while reducing overall costs.

Defining the mobile worker

Whether working from the road or sharing devices within the office, your people can access their data, documents and apps from anywhere with secure Citrix solutions.

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Is Citrix right for you?

Position your agency for success with mobility and security solutions from Insight and Citrix.

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