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The new way to communicate and collaborate

Cisco videoconferencing technology solutions

Collaboration from anywhere

In-person collaboration is always a positive experience, but when geographical and time constraints get in the way, Cisco® videoconferencing, telepresence and digital media technologies, available from Insight, are a close second.

A new level of communication

Built exclusively on Cisco technology, Insight’s Business Video solution elevates video communications to a whole new level, for a richer collaboration experience. Business Video reduces travel-related costs while delivering efficient solutions for meetings, real-time decision-making, companywide training and effortless collaboration.

Cisco telepresence

Desktop telepresence

Let your employees share content with the touch of a finger through desktop telepresence solutions that foster collaboration while capping costs.

High-definition video performance

High-definition video

Jabber Video works with a PC or Mac® computer and a webcam or USB camera. Cisco's Cius® portable enterprise tablet lets you conference on the go.

Connect employees through video conferencing solutions

Group collaboration

Cisco’s multipurpose video solutions transform meeting rooms into spaces where dispersed groups can meet face to face.

Cisco telepresence solution

Face-to-face solution

Unite staff members for mission-critical decisions, strategic meetings and business negotiations with an immersive telepresence solution.

Cisco digital signage solution

Dynamic communication

With Cisco’s Digital Signage platform, people can interact with your signage for an informational and compelling customer experience.

Allow private video sharing

Video sharing

Cisco Show and Share® allows private video sharing and permits authoring and publishing with tools for commenting, rating and word tagging.

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