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Meet the cloud-managed family that includes wireless Local Area Networks (LANs), security appliances, switches, mobility management and more.

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Meraki simplifies network operations.

When it comes to cloud networking, Cisco Meraki rises to meet your business cloud solution needs. Simply deploy and manage with rich features and scalability only Meraki® solutions can offer.

Meraki dashboard


Manage your entire network through the cloud, and use the Meraki dashboard to gain visibility into users, devices and apps.

Managed cloud services


Communicating is easy with Meraki managed communications. The next generation in communications has arrived.

iPad show Meraki security screen portal.


Cloud-managed security provides a protected, centralized portal for controlling every appliance from any device, anywhere.

Family of Meraki wireless LAN solution

Meraki wireless all-in-one access points

Everything you need for the ultimate wireless LAN solution is in one box. With a single pane of glass, you can manage Wi-Fi deployments and distributed multisite networks — all from one access point. With Meraki, your dashboard is your ultimate insight into your business.

Experience faster deployment, simplified administration and richer visibility with advanced analytics and deep network insight. With your dashboard, you can view network user actions, devices and applications with ease.

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Meraki MC74 phone

Meraki MC74: Your work phone, redefined

The Meraki MC74 phone system is a refreshingly simple way to communicate. A high-resolution color display and an intuitive interface design give you seamless interactions. Cloud management provides a hands-off configuration and deployment, and you can control it from anywhere — even remotely.

Exclusive features of the Meraki MC74 include:

  • Network integration
  • Contact and phone integration
  • Visual voicemail
  • Easy onboarding

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Meraki MX64

A security appliance in a single box

Your all-in-one security solution has arrived. With Meraki Security Appliances, you get all of the security features you need in a single solution, without additional purchases. Meraki covers all areas you need it to, through a centralized cloud-managed system.

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Meraki security camera dashboard

Stream video anywhere, anytime.

View customizable video walls anytime through Meraki Security Cameras. All you need is a web browser to access the Meraki dashboard. Whether indoors or out, night or day, deploy with one box and control remotely.

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Familly of Meraki switches

Meraki switches provide high performance.

With blazing performance and true zero-touch provisioning, Meraki switches establish the foundation of your network. They're simple to deploy and manage and help you cut costs by providing groundbreaking tools for remote troubleshooting.

Meraki switches offer the flexibility of stacking while providing the higher performance your access points need. Build large, resilient networks using dynamic routing protocols and understand how your network resources are being used — all with cloud-managed switches.

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Meraki Systems Manager for mobile security

Meraki Systems Manager gives you visibility into your network like never before. Seamlessly onboard new devices, ensure compliance on all devices and automatically deliver apps, network and security settings specific to users.

Dynamically add users to your network. Then adjust their specific connectivity settings and monitor them by locating and tracking devices, no matter where they travel.

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