Infographic: Can Your WAN Keep Up?

17 Oct 2018

Along with the cost-savings and convenience of cloud applications comes an increased demand on enterprise networks. Discover the features of Cisco® SD-WAN that are helping businesses to meet these challenges, and explore the many benefits of migration.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Infographic for Cisco SD-WAN features

Infographic text included for screen readers:

Can your WAN keep up?

More users, more apps, different devices, but old network.

The Cloud Era has transformed Enterprise infrastructures in many ways. Explore how SD-WAN, powered by Cisco, can enable more secure, consistent and cost-effective enterprise connections.

Cisco SD-WAN can help.

Enterprise challenges with cloud

  • >50% traffic in cloud, yet network is not cloud aware
  • SaaS performs poorly
  • Complex workflows for public cloud AWS/Azure

Cisco SD-WAN features for cloud

  • Single overlay that extends to data center, cloud and branch
  • Dynamic optimization for O365 and other SaaS

Benefits of migrating for cloud

  • Optimized for public cloud and SaaS
  • 4x improvement in SaaS response times
  • Seamless connectivity to public cloud

Enterprise challenges with cost

  • Prohibitive bandwidth costs at $100/mbps
  • Traffic grows 30% YoY
  • Rigid architecture requires 6 – 9 months for simple policy change

Cisco SD-WAN features for cost

  • Mix MPLS with low cost broadband/LTE
  • Centralized management & app visibility

Benefits of migrating for cost

  • >50% drop in WAN costs
  • Change control from six months to two days

Enterprise challenges with application experience

  • Application experience (SLA) is unpredictable
  • 70% of app outages are tied to networking problems

Cisco SD-WAN features for application experience

  • Active-active hybrid lings
  • App aware policies with real time enforcement

Benefits of migrating for application experience

  • Predictable application SLA
  • No app outages due to networking

Enterprise challenges with security

  • Difficult to secure
  • Critical enterprise assets, guest wireless, business partners
  • Vulnerabilities in hybrid architecture

Cisco SD-WAN features for security

  • WAN segmentation with granular policies
  • Auth + encryption + cloud security for hybrid networks

Benefits of migrating for security

  • Isolation for critical enterprise assets, guest wireless, business partners
  • Robust security for hybrid networks

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