The Super Solution Integrator

Today, agility through digital transformation is a business imperative — but many organizations struggle to succeed as modern solutions grow more complex. In our free whitepaper, we explore why traditional systems integrators are evolving into a Super Solution Integrator (SSI) — and how this end-to-end partner helps organizations adapt to next-generation technologies that drive meaningful business outcomes.

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Digital transformation involves complex system integration.

Most organizations lack the in-house skills and transformation experience to manage a large-scale IT initiative. Alternatively, organizations will turn to outside partners for help. However, managing multiple vendors across a fragmented IT environment creates its own set of challenges.

An SSI is a digital transformation expert that can provide strategic guidance and end-to-end capabilities to envision, build, deploy and maintain modern IT solutions at scale. Collaborating with an SSI simplifies and streamlines IT initiatives — eliminating many of the complexities and common points of failure that occur when multiple partners are involved.

Overcoming digital transformation challenges

Today, 38% of organizations anticipate their IT transformation to be handled by a third-party vendor or consultant. An SSI can:

Fill a skills gap.

More than one-third of organizations report that lack of skills or appropriate talent is the main obstacle to achieving their digital goals.

Clear roadblocks.

74% of IoT initiatives are deemed stuck or unsuccessful, and 60% end up proving more complex than originally expected.

Simplify projects.

Typical IoT projects require 10+ partners to execute. Collaborating with an SSI collapses that number down to one.

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A super solution integrator ensures meaningful digital transformation.

To gain the upper hand in today’s disruptive business environment, organizations are pursuing transformative IT solutions driven by advanced technologies such as big data analytics and AI, the cloud, the IoT and smart edge.

When strategically executed, large-scale IT initiatives deliver powerful business outcomes: optimized operations and processes, engaged customers through personalization, increased worker productivity and satisfaction, and enhanced products and experiences.

Ken Lamneck

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“Organizations have an idea of what they should be doing to prepare for the future, but transformative IT initiatives require increasingly sophisticated solutions with many moving parts.”

— Ken Lamneck, President and Chief Executive Officer, Insight

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The role of the Super Solution Integrator

Here are some of the ways an SSI can streamline IT initiatives:

  • Scope, plan and design your initiative
  • Procure and deploy necessary technology
  • Coordinate and monitor multiple vendors and workstreams
  • Test and iterate to improve outcomes
  • Shepherd organization change management

IT is no longer supporting the business — IT is the business.

More than 50% of IT decision-makers say their top objective for digital innovation is improving business operations, and 47% are focused on improving the customer experience. Here’s how they’re getting there, according to the 2019 Insight Intelligent Technology Index:

Streamlined outsourcing

22% want a single vendor that can unify their digital transformation needs.

Actionable intelligence

50% say advanced analytics — enabled by AI, big data and machine learning — have been critical to their transformation initiatives over the past two years.

Future state

44% believe AI and machine learning will most significantly impact the future of IT.

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About the super solution integrator whitepaper

The “Super Solution Integrator Drives Business Outcomes by Orchestrating Technology” whitepaper is a culmination of industry research and interviews with experts within the digital innovation space.

This whitepaper is intended to provide a holistic view of the current state of digital transformation initiatives. It explains how businesses need a single provider to eradicate complexity, fragmentation and confusion — and ensure greater success of complex IT initiatives.

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