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Welcome to smarter lifecycle management.

Your investment in the hardware and so­ftware that support your business is just the beginning of the IT lifecycle. But managing how all of it gets set up, distributed, maintained, upgraded and remarketed for the next lifecycle is a lot to juggle.

Insight’s Lifecycle Services help you spend more time driving business growth while we handle everything else — from planning and deployment to overall IT asset management and ongoing support.

We’re here to help at every phase.

No matter your position in the technology lifecycle, we offer the services and solutions that enable your business to make better decisions, saving you time, money and headaches.

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A unified shopping experience enables you to buy, track and manage purchases all in one place with a tool full of rich features.

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Integration services

Time to roll out new technology? We’ll help you make the best decision based on your needs, we'll configure devices to your specifications.

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Managed deployment

Setting up technology in multiple locations gets complicated. Our experienced staff navigates deadlines, downtime and timelines.

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Take control of your warranties and licensing agreements with IT management that gives you a holistic view of your hardware and software.

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Asset disposition

Reduce risk and remarket retired hardware confidently. We protect your security and the environment with proper compliance and reporting.

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Start with a clear path.

Supported by a focused maturity model, we conduct robust assessments that give you deeper insight into how well you’re delivering services and outline your unique goals. We’ll help you create a more focused plan for driving efficiencies, ensuring a rapid, quality deployment, and containing costs.

Our detailed assessments are supported by:

  • Vendor and product road maps
  • Market intelligence
  • Executive briefings
  • Planning and design sessions
Business professional reviewing procurement assets off of self-service portal

Simplify acquisition.

Acquiring your new technology is a multistep process. Let us act as your single source of expertise, from procurement to financing and leasing, and more. We’ll help you optimize resources, keep your technology current and meet the demands of a rapidly shifting technology landscape.

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The power of self-service

Insight’s secure, self-service e-commerce portal helps you save time, reduce soft costs and streamline purchases to drive business impact faster. Your account on lets you control everything from procurement to reporting, ongoing software management and even the cloud.

A reliable partner for your IT asset journey

Your focus on core business initiatives shouldn’t be diverted because you’re stuck in the weeds of your IT asset lifecycle, maintaining and monitoring your technology. That’s why we handle everything from start to finish, to help you drive real business benefits.

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Rapid implementation

Speed time to use, detect faulty assets and improve end-user experience with preconfiguration, just-in-time shipments and managed deployment.

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Simplified maintenance

Reduce your organization’s costs and stay in the know with best-in-class extended warranty services, remote network operations support and more.

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Mindful asset disposition

Maximize the economic return on marketable equipment, protect sensitive data and reduce compliance risks with our asset disposition program.

Transform your IT lifecycle management.

Let our end-to-end IT expertise help you achieve your business goals. Connect with a specialist to learn more about how we can assist you.

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