NASPO ValuePoint Software Value-Added Reseller
Contract # ADSPO11 00000358-2

Thank you for your interest in the NASPO ValuePoint (formerly WSCA-NASPO) Software Value-Added Reseller Contract. At this time, only Miami-Dade County has signed a Participating Addendum with Insight Public Sector. Outside of that particular entity, if you are interested in purchasing software from the contract and would like more information about executing a Participating Addendum, please contact us.

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State & Local Government    
Christy Montanez  
Account Executive  
Phone: 561-693-9970  
Email: Christy.Montanez@insight.com
State & Local Government  
Chris Counce
Sales Solutions Representative
Phone: 800-934-4947
Email: Chris.Counce@insight.com
Dewey Hudson  
Sales Solutions Representative  

Phone: 800-491-6822

Email: Dewey.Hudson@insight.com  
State & Local Government   Education
Deann Cannon   Janis McCoy
Associate Account Executive   Sales Solutions Associate

Phone: 800-480-9299

  Phone: 800-934-4947
Email: Deann.Cannon@insight.com
  Email: Janis.McCoy@insight.com
Public Saftey
  Public Saftey
Ricardo Pryor   Brian Mayer
Account Executive   Associate Account Executive
Phone: 407-417-3364
  Phone: 800-467-4448 x 3085
Email: Ricardo.Pryor@Insight.com
  Email: Brian.Mayer@insight.com
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Why Purchase Through Insight?
Insight Public Sector is a trusted technology advisor to state and local government agencies throughout the U.S. As one of the leading national providers of business-to-government IT solutions, Insight understands the unique challenges facing agencies just like yours. We have a proven track record of helping government agencies and municipalities meet their IT needs and gain technological advantages while streamlining management and reducing overall cost of ownership.

Insight Public Sector offers value to your agency with:
  • Local presence to address IT challenges head-on
  • Dedicated State and Local government account teams
  • Easy-to-use online account management and e-procurement process
  • Technical expertise and IT services
Contact Information

State & Local

Insight NASPO ValuePoint Sales Team
Phone: 800-862-8434
Email: ipscontractsupport@insight.com


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6820 S. Harl Ave
Tempe, AZ 85283