Networking solutions for education

Create a mobile classroom.

We’ll ensure you meet the demands of today’s evolving classrooms. From integrating laptops, tablets and interactive displays to creating a secure, modern print environment, we provide hardware that transforms the learning experience.

BYOD for education

1:1 for personalized learning

Offer your students a more individualized learning experience with 1:1 mobile devices or a BYOD program over a reliable, secure network.

From device selection to deployment and support, we’ll equip you with the technology and infrastructure needed to draw students in, track their progress and help them succeed.

Networkign solutions for education

Device management

Get help managing devices on the network and ensure all technology is used in a secure online environment.

We have applications that prevent students from accessing or downloading unauthorized information — protecting them and your data infrastructure.

We can even help you perform testing to ensure devices behave as required in the classroom and for assessments.

Chromebooks for education

Powered by the user-friendly Google Chrome operating system, Chromebooks deliver innovative educational experiences through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.


Integrated data protection features and rigorously tested hardware keep your investment safe in every way.


The web-based Google Management Console makes it easy to control any size fleet of devices and users.


A simple interface includes G Suite for Education, which centralizes email, calendars, documents and more.


Cloud-based tools, such as Google Drive, fuel seamless content sharing and new learning opportunities.

We enhance the Chromebook experience.

Our Chromebook as a Service solution delivers devices, software licenses, help desk support and asset management services through a per-device, per-month pricing model.  

Education software programs

Want to roll out new devices?

We offer imaging and asset tagging services to make it quick and easy.

We'll ensure your devices have the right software programs for your classroom needs. And our lab has the ability to etch your devices with your school logo and/or a teacher’s name, giving you a better way to keep track of your new technology.

Enhance your classroom

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