Orchestrate DevOps production in Azure.

Uplift boosts collaboration and efficiency by conducting every tool and process for you. DevOps best practices are embedded in the solution to enable swift code handoffs across your entire pipeline, from development and testing to release management.



Adopt Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) with seamless resource deployment.

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Equip developers to contribute quicker with automatic developer machine and environment generation.

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Guide application strategy with comprehensive health and cost metrics available from a single dashboard.

An efficient way to build applications in the cloud

The DevOps platform empowers your teams to define the architecture, set up Infrastructure as Code (IaC) repositories and configure builds for each lifecycle environment — without manually inputting code.

See how Insight Uplift reduces the time it takes to lay the foundation of your applications from weeks to minutes.

Refining your IT tools

Using a CI/CD pipeline helps your IT teams push changes to your tools. You’ll be able to rapidly release new iterations based on testing and feedback.

  • Visibility

    Within Uplift, you can review your application portfolio from a single hub. This allows you to:

    • Provide comprehensive cost details to stakeholders.
    • Track the location and cause of errors.
    • Display the owner of an application or resource.

  • Velocity

    Uplift reduces the effort to push releases for testing or use by enabling you to:

    • Publish application architecture with a single click.
    • Spend less time configuring resource integrations.
    • Quickly add developers and environments at any time.

  • Consistency

    Uplift applies standardized procedures to your entire application stack, simplifying:

    • Scale — using uniform CI/CD processes
    • Maintenance — any team can fix everything
    • Governance — security and management are embedded

Your automated DevOps teammate

Innovating your IT is simple in Uplift. Its automation can perform tasks you’d normally assign to a developer. By using the platform to handle tedious scripting, for example, your IT team can focus on adding new value to your tools by quickly creating prototypes formerly thought too complex.

Uplift lets you quickly:

  • Migrate on-premises applications to the cloud.
  • Create applications to support new business objectives.
  • Spin up prototypes for research and development.
  • Align your IT to shifting market dynamics.

Plug and play the services you need.

With its script and configuration models, Uplift supports a variety of Azure tools. This helps you minimize your developers’ workloads with standardized integration of application resources such as:

App Services

Service Bus Queues and Topics

SQL Database

Event Hubs

Cosmos DB

Key Vault


Active Directory® Applications

Leverage our Azure and DevOps expertise.

As a top Microsoft partner and service provider, we have extensive end-to-end Azure development knowledge. We’ve crafted Uplift from a real business need — to build, release and support applications in the cloud at scale.

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A straightforward solution for management

Regulating deployment, user access and naming conventions is vital to effectively controlling projects. The consistent, automated approach of Uplift to governance puts control in your hands — minimizing security gaps and disorder.

Once you choose your settings, both resource and environment deployment will be done in the same manner end to end. This eliminates any guesswork into how resources, privileges and processes are set up within your application stack.

Accelerate your DevOps.

We’ll help you quickly build and support applications in Azure with the Uplift DevOps automation platform.