Uncovering data insights to reimagine food service

Insight Connected Platform for restaurants is a scalable and flexible solution that will help you build smart kitchens and dining areas. Our solution gives you critical information to ensure food safety. You’ll be able to monitor refrigerator and freezer temperature and humidity levels at all your locations.

Environmental monitoring

Temperature and humidity can be monitored at all your locations, ensuring ideal conditions are kept for produce, staff and patrons.

Maintaining equipment

Proactive replacement is made possible through equipment sensors and a smart notification system ensure business continuity.

Serving customers

Real-time information streamlines communication and coordination between service staff and management to create smooth interactions.

Mise en place — everything in its place

Restaurants thrive when staff reach a state of flow — an energized focus on the task at hand. The result is increased customer loyalty and positive reviews. Leveraging technology, analytics and data-driven decisions, you can adequately staff and stock your business to support high-performing and prepared restaurants.

Gain a comprehensive view of:

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The power of operational intelligence

Insight Connected Platform centralizes information in a real-time, visual dashboard to help you monitor, manage and respond quicker to business needs. It connects data across diverse systems.

You’ll have the combined strength of Microsoft® Azure®, edge computing and IoT sensors to manage your entire organization.

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Insight’s Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention

Promote recommended safety precautions and support contact tracing with thermal cameras, wearable devices and more. Our solution unifies sensor data in a single dashboard designed to help detect for symptoms and prevent the spread of disease. An application provides notifications and guidance for social interactions that align with your organization’s requirements.

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Orchestrating your IoT restaurant innovation

We have the technical resources and industry experience to guide you through your transformation from end to end — ensuring you see the maximum value of your project.

Our experts leverage a proven and repeatable model
to drive success by:

  • Defining what success looks like by working with stakeholders.
  • Demonstrating business value through a proof-of-concept deployment.
  • Deploying and supporting a minimal viable product to start realizing ROI.
  • Scaling and improving across the organization while finding new opportunities.

Harness data insights at your restaurants.

We’ll help you plan, deploy and support a connected IoT solution that streamlines processes and reduces operating costs.