IT solutions for the manufacturing industry

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived. Now, smart sensors and connected technology can give you real-time business intelligence at your factory or plant, creating intelligent, safe and efficient industrial environments.

Our Connected Platform provides a foundation to connect all your data streams — from machine health to environmental control — and analyze them to inform decision-making.

What outcomes are you trying to achieve?

  • Reduce energy waste
  • Improve worker safety and security
  • Provide environmental control
  • Optimize efficiency and business intelligence

Intelligent manufacturing use cases

Safety & compliance

Insight’s Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention is designed to help detect for symptoms and prevent the spread of disease. The contact tracing offering uses wearable devices combined with a smart notification system, and thermal cameras can monitor temperatures in individual and group settings.

Factory worker in hardhat holds tablet device while working on machinery

Predictive maintenance & field services

Machine failures can bring operations to a grinding halt — costing thousands in lost productivity. Connected Platform’s data processing generates up-to-date data visualizations on machine health.

Construction workers in hard hats on site using tablet device

Connected platform IoT concept

One platform for managing all your users, devices, data and alerts

A comprehensive visual dashboard gives you real-time information on the health of your operation. You’ll be able to leverage live metrics for quick, consistent decision-making — empowering you to take control of your production at a glance.

Insight Connected Platform puts the power of data at your fingertips in one flexible, scalable, cloud-based place for managing all your connected devices. Through our simple app, you can visualize critical data, trigger alerts and more.

Client success stories

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High-tech manufacturer

Production workers needed a method to quickly identify and remediate potential issues on the manufacturing line. Insight built an immersive, augmented reality interface that pulled live data from production machines to provide at-a-glance information about performance health.

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Major appliance manufacturer

To improve service quality and product performance, the client needed simplified data and analytics solutions. Using Azure® IoT, Insight streamlined access to current and historical data, equipping the client to drive changes in product design, warranty, manufacturing and customer interactions.

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Global HVAC manufacturer

To optimize machine performance and reduce maintenance costs, Insight built a solution that monitors and analyzes core unit data, creating real-time alerts and predictive analysis. The solution combined a mobile app and machine learning to lower maintenance costs by up to 80% at customer sites.

The benefits of predictive maintenance

Moving your production from reactive or preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance can create significant cost savings. A single machine going offline can delay your entire production line — so if you’re waiting for something to break, it’s too late.


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Ushering in industry 4.0

Automation, analytics and smart sensors — the key drivers of the fourth industrial revolution — can radically improve every aspect of production. From reducing energy consumption to accelerating new product development and delivery, industry 4.0 is creating efficiencies end to end.

We have the technical expertise and industry experience to help you realize these benefits.

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