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Building a more connected future with community Wi-Fi

When digitization accelerates, too many families and businesses can get left behind. Public broadband bridges the gap — delivering the connectivity people need to work from anywhere, learn remotely and become more informed and engaged.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with our in-house experts, public and private sector clients and strategic partners to develop an end-to-end approach to large-scale wireless networks. From initial design to post-launch support, we’re here to help you build far-reaching connections.

How our wireless mesh network works

Wireless mesh networks are uniquely equipped to distribute internet signals across large areas. We’ve optimized a three-layer approach to deliver reliable connectivity everywhere your
residents study, work and play:


Using towers and existing infrastructure, such as telephone poles, we create gateways for internet access.

Access points

Then, we install Wi-Fi access points across neighborhoods, ensuring even distribution to maximize signal quality.


Once your access points go live, community members can connect using their personal, work and school devices.

Public broadband success stories

Internet access mitigates inequalities in education, information literacy and community engagement. Discover how we’re helping communities shrink the digital divide.

Why Insight for public Wi-Fi?

When you collaborate with Insight, you gain access to our decades of expertise and deep partnerships with trusted brands. We’ve achieved:

✔ 300+ network and wireless projects per year

✔ An established history of compliant solutions

✔ 3,000+ technical certifications

✔ Extensive experience with public sector contracts

A phased approach to community Wi-Fi

Throughout our years of delivering wireless network solutions in both the public and private sectors, we’ve developed an implementation method that accelerates your journey toward a more connected community.

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Drawing on predictive analytics, we create a preliminary plan for your core, access and wireless solutions.

Field site design icon


After surveying field sites and deepening our understanding of your needs, we turn our plan into a fully realized design.

Electrical remediation icon

Electrical remediation

We test and troubleshoot your network and proactively address bottlenecks and other performance concerns.

Wireless tower construction icon

Tower construction

We deliver connectivity between base stations by using existing points and building out new ones as needed.

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At deployment, we retrofit existing infrastructure and install new components to launch your network.

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5G technology at the Quantico Cyber Hub

The Quantico Cyber Hub is a cutting-edge cyber center of excellence, created by Cyber Bytes Foundation, Insight Public Sector and top technology partners. The facility’s 5G lab is helping public sector organizations simulate connectivity solutions in real time for disaster response and emergency conditions, as well as day-to-day use cases.

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Community wireless support services

Launching your new public Wi-Fi is only the beginning of our partnership. After deployment, we’ll ensure your network performs reliably and evolves alongside your community so that they can stay connected and engaged.

Our public broadband services include:

  • Monitoring
  • Data analytics
  • Optimization
  • Software updates
  • Remote engineering

Boost your agility.

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