Enterprise solutions for your business:

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Software licensing

  • Licensing needs assessments
  • Better ROI through volume licensing
  • Streamlined purchases and renewals
  • Benefits of our Microsoft partnership
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  • Choose Your Own Device (CYOD)
  • Mobile device partners
  • Customized devices for business
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
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Managed deployment

  • New network rollouts
  • Concurrent deployments in multiple locations
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) systems
  • Project management expertise
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  • Scalability up or down, as needed
  • Cost-effective infrastructure
  • SaaS, IaaS and pay for what you use
  • The virtues of Office 365®
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Unified communications & collaboration

  • Unified communications platforms
  • On premises or in the cloud — what’s best?
  • Increased productivity and collaboration
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Data center and virtualization

  • Positioning for performance and growth
  • Virtualized data centers
  • Software-defined data centers
  • Cloud-based data centers
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  • Customized security solutions
  • Reliability made flexible — and fast
  • Data protection in the cloud
  • Security in the age of mobility
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Collaborate on a global scale.

See how we helped this enterprise beverage company design a modern workplace that streamlined collaboration across its global workforce to stay ahead of the competition.

Modern Workplace Business Outcomes Beverage Company
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