Prepare for the unexpected

Insight and Veritas give you confidence your business will be protected — no matter what — with business continuity solutions.

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Sidestep the costs of downtime.

It is possible to regain control of your business continuity. Downtime and data loss present very real threats to enterprises. Veritas™ high-availability and disaster recovery solutions can help prevent data loss and the unwelcome business outcomes associated with it.

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A single solution for application resilience

Now you can use one solution to ensure elasticity across your multicloud environment. The Veritas Resiliency Platform empowers you to manage uptime service levels using full automation for your resilience and migration operations. And a real-time visibility dashboard helps you track objectives.

Prove your compliance with comprehensive audit reporting. Effortlessly shift your workloads between cloud environments. And avoid rip and replace tactics by integrating with your current or cloud technologies.

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Defend mission-critical applications.

You need to keep your mission-critical applications running and protect your business from unplanned downtime. Veritas InfoScale Availability offers disaster recovery for databases, custom applications and multitier applications across all environments.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Application auto-recovery
  • Immediate alerts about outages
  • Easy application migration

Managed business continuity

Veritas Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides affordable 24/7 service in a single package, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives. You’ll be able to keep your systems up and running, meet industry audit standards and recover quickly if downtime should occur.

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Proactively manage risk.

In as little as a day, Veritas Risk Advisor scans your entire IT environment for vulnerabilities. Quickly discover and understand the configuration of your full IT stack.

The solution tests your configurations against more than 6,000 failure points, updated weekly. You can generate reports and communicate risks in a visual manner, expediting actionable decisions. Learn about configuration changes as they occur to help avoid downtime.

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Improve your high availability.

Increased application visibility and control for business-critical applications is a reality with Veritas ApplicationHA. Proactively monitoring applications within virtual machines minimizes downtime.

Easily restart or fail-over applications as needed. Event-based monitoring instantly alerts you to state changes.

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Automate your cloud migration.

You select your public cloud preference, and Veritas CloudMobility helps ensure a smooth migration. Change your mind? No problem. You can choose to transition to a new public cloud or move back to on premises.

Gain confidence in your migration success with single-click testing that ensures a seamless transition for even the most complex workloads. Plus, CloudMobility integrates easily into applications such as Amazon Elastic Block Storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service S3.