Data done right

We live in a data economy where data is currency, and cost shouldn’t be the barrier to storing more of it. Together, Insight and Seagate offer data storage solutions that are designed for hyperscale efficiency and are built on trust, affordability and ease. Reduce the cost and complexity of your storage infrastructure with Seagate.

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Data storage systems

Seagate’s enterprise-grade cloud and hardware products create a seamless experience for any company that wants its data to be installed, operated and protected with ease.

Great value and service

With industry-leading capacity, firmware and multicore capabilities, Seagate offers exceptional storage solutions from petabyte to exabyte, so your data stays covered.

Deployed with confidence

Seagate stores most of the world’s data — shipping over 400 exabytes per year for more than 40 years.

Intuitive integration

As an enterprise storage manufacturer that designs and builds its entire system, Seagate creates unparalleled partner integration and compatibility that you can trust.

Seagate network server

Intuitive integration

Instill customer confidence with Seagate’s hardware platforms and integrated support, and reach new customers and markets by offering your solution through Seagate’s value-added reseller partners and worldwide sales teams. Now you can promote your solution in partnership with Seagate through co-branded collateral, strategic marketing campaigns and well-attended industry events.

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Seagate AP storage

Future-proof your enterprise.

Seagate makes sure you never sacrifice capacity for performance. With AP storage and servers that provide an ultra-compact, dense system, you can run applications and store your data safely in any space. Feature-rich convergence platforms also allow you to easily scale your data systems and simplify operations.

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Seagate RAID system

Optimal performance and data protection

Seagate offers tightly integrated RAID system providers for maximum capacity and high performance with up to 84 16TB drives. This state-of-the-art, cost-optimized architecture makes both safeguarding your critical data and getting to your applications at lightning speed easy.

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