Improve your operations

Micro Focus® IT operations solutions, available from Insight, help accelerate deployments and streamline workflows.

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Easy, fast, transformative IT

In order to keep up with the fast pace of business, you need to bridge the gap between IT operations and today's business initiatives. See how Micro Focus IT Operations Management (ITOM) suites can help you gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Uninterrupted flow

Micro Focus combines best practices from the Container Deployment Foundation, microservices and big data to deliver the ITOM Platform.

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Scale seamlessly.

Now it's easy to deploy, manage, update and scale Micro Focus ITOM products across every environment — from public to hybrid.

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Operate continuously.

The ITOM Platform enables ceaseless operations for modern IT to develop applications and deploy them quicker.

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Avoid duplication.

A deploy-once and use-anywhere shared microservices approach eliminates redundancy and complexity.

Hybrid cloud management simplified

Micro Focus allows you to design, deliver and manage your hybrid environment using any container or infrastructure. The cloud management solution can be deployed as a pre-integrated, containerized appliance. And it helps you control your spend, diagnose bugs and streamline processes.

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Proactive hybrid IT monitoring

Micro Focus Operations Bridge uses artificial intelligence to help you monitor resources and avoid downtime. All incoming data is automatically analyzed, helping you stay in the loop about potential trouble — before it happens.

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Embrace enterprise automation.

Micro Focus takes a holistic approach to automation to enable your business to secure any infrastructure, regardless of size or complexity. The result: lower costs, faster speed and better security.

Cloud-enabled, automated service desk

Incorporate machine learning in your service desk with the Service Management Automation suite. Service Management Automation X extends your service desk through process-based applications — no code required. You gain additional cloud support and real-time updates.

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Reduce compliance complexities.

Micro Focus Network Operations Management allows you to manage, automate and ensure compliance for physical, virtual and software-defined networks. Accelerate network configurations and gain quality insights into security vulnerabilities.

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Advanced data protection

Automate the software process, or choose to reprioritize your IT initiatives. Micro Focus gives you the tools to plan and track the entire software release lifecycle. Improved visibility and simplified audits streamline costs and keep stakeholders informed.