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Office productivity is easier, faster, better.

With G Suite, the world you imagine for your staff can now become a reality. Access work and get business done from any location.

G Suite delivers the same reliable experience from your computer, phone or tablet. Draft a proposal at the office, review it at the airport, and make edits from your tablet before the meeting.

Imagine a worry-free path to the cloud.

Put all of Google’s top applications to work for your business, including email, video collaboration, docs and storage.

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From readiness testing to training, Insight’s teams have the experience needed to migrate your seats to the cloud.

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G Suite helps your team work together, offering the ability to collaborate from anywhere, on virtually any device.

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G Suite was built for business and designed for teams, providing easy access to the tools needed to get more done.

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Have more productive meetings.

G Suite gives you the power to run your business with ease using Google's tools. Schedule events in Google Calendar at times that work for your team. Get meeting reminders sent directly to your Gmail. Then, join a video meeting through Hangouts and collaborate.

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Get more out of your workday.

With Google Docs, you can create and edit documents in your browser. Multiple people can even work at the same time, and every change is saved automatically.

Draft a proposal on your desktop computer at the office, review it on your laptop while commuting and make final edits from your smartphone before your meeting.

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Sync with your team.

Enhance communication and eliminate confusion. Google Drive lets you keep all of your work in one secure place. Access and share your files from any device — and any location — and share them instantly with your teammates.

Plus, there’s no need to repeatedly send documents to get on the same page. Your team can access and edit documents in real time. Everyone will always have the latest version, period.

Security your way

Issues like missing hardware or employee turnover are no big deal. Your business data will be protected in a single, centralized location. Manage your mobile devices, email accounts, security settings and more from the Google Admin console. It’s your business; you set the rules.

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Compliance you can trust

With the security of G Suite, you can ensure that your business data remains secure and safe with updated security and compliance. Learn more about the security features of G Suite, including automatic encryption, compliance in every industry and more.

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The case for the cloud

Now is the time to migrate to the cloud. In the whitepaper, “Your Journey to the Cloud," you’ll see how to prove the real cost savings and how to demonstrate the overall business value that cloud migration delivers.

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