Scanners that do more than just scan

Ready to increase your productivity, efficiency and organization today? Together, Insight and Fujitsu offer an array of scanners that save you time and money while keeping your documents structured and organized.

Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner

Introducing ScanSnap

Organize and prioritize all your documents, whether at home or at the office, with just one touch. With ScanSnap®, it’s easy to gather and share information, photos, receipts, business cards and more with colleagues and peers.

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Fujitsu fi and SP scanner

Do more with fi and SP scanners.

Experience scanning speed, paper handling and image quality like never before with Fujitsu’s fi Series and SP Series scanners. These features, combined with easy integration and compatibility with document imaging apps, make it a must-have for document management.

Two Fujitsu Departamental scanners

Fujitsu departmental scanners

For larger organizations that produce a higher number of documents, Fujitsu offers a vast array of scanners that enable production-level performance at cost-effective prices. With market-leading document imaging capabilities and quick scanning speeds, you can do more every day.

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Two Fujitsu Production scanners

Production scanners

With production scanners from Fujitsu, your organization can scan up to 10,000 pages per day while never comprising speed, flexibility and reliability. Choose from their user-friendly family of production scanners that range from 90 ppm to over 130 ppm — and bring scanning to a whole new level.

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PaperStream IP logo

PaperStream IP

PaperStream® IP enhances typical TWAIN and ISIS applications by combining cutting-edge, image processing technologies without adding, changing or modifying any software. With color clean-up and auto-rotation, you can modify decorated backgrounds and reduce rescans, increasing both efficiency and productivity.

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