Episode 2More Security Challenges than You Thought You’d Need to Handle (and User Expectations)

3 Oct 2016 by Technomics

The wide range of devices in the world brings about more security challenges than ever before. With data spread across a multitude of platforms, you are now more vulnerable to threats and breaches. How can IT developers strike the right balance between protecting information and enabling a seamless mobile experience for their customers and employees? Insight’s Carlos Sotero and Matt Skaff discuss current trends, challenges and how to craft the right strategy.

Headshot of Carlos Sotero

Carlos Sotero

As global director of IT infrastructure, Carlos has extensive experience in business applications, cost modeling, strategic design and process improvement. He is responsible for Insight’s data center operations, core and collaboration services, and enterprise service assurance.

Headshot of Matt Skaff

Matt Skaff

Matt provides leadership and support to global development and execution of tactical and strategic engagements. As director of IT infrastructure, he leverages business planning, implementation and emerging technologies to achieve innovative, cost-effective product and service solutions.