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Webinar: How to Make Money and Innovate

9 Oct 2017
  • One of the biggest challenges Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face when they try to scale out their businesses is finding the right balance between managing digital transformation and producing revenue. During this webinar, you’ll learn how to drive growth and customer satisfaction — and how to pick the right solutions for your business. Areas of focus will include:
  • Guidelines for creating a digital edge with the right technologies
  • The power of leveraging your partner ecosystem to generate additional revenue
  • Projects and practices to drive organizational efficiency

Presented by Bruce Sherman and Jeromy Siebenaler

Head shot of Bruce Sherman        

Bruce Sherman - Sr. Product Manager, Service Provider, Insight     

Head shot of Jeromy Siebenaler

Jeromy Siebenaler - VP, Cloud and Chief Cloud Architect, Insight

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