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Solution Providers Told: Don't Leave Developers Out Of Business Conversations

18 Aug 2017

Application developers have risen to become organizational leaders in the new world of digital transformation, and solution providers must recognize and embrace that as they work with business customers, an executive with Red Hat software says.

"Developers are playing a new role" in business, Margaret Dawson, head of global product marketing of cloud solutions for Red Hat, told attendees Wednesday at CompTIA's ChannelCon conference in Austin, Texas.

Up until today, "the developer has been fairly irrelevant," she said. But, starting with the emergence of newer technologies, especially the public cloud, "developers really began showing up on our radar."

"Now, really, everything is software," Dawson said. "Software and code [are] driving everything we do," especially with the emergence of software-defined networking and storage.

So, the role of the developer "has become so incredibly … important to every organization."

What can solution providers do to recognize this? Dawson cited three potential actions:

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