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MSPs Can Be Midmarket Heroes On Cloud Migrations, Gartner Analyst Says

18 Aug 2017

Managed service providers can be a help to midmarket companies looking to invest in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) tools, a Gartner analyst Mike Dorosh told a roomful of IT directors on Monday.

"Most every CIO" he's talking to is focusing on digital transformation, "creating a digital business, modernizing applications, getting to a consistent platform they can develop on, [and] modernizing middleware stacks that were bought 30 years ago," Dorosh told a group of about 50 midmarket IT chiefs Monday at Midsize Enterprise Summit East, hosted by CRN parent The Channel Company in Nashville, Tenn.

"They're not asking me about how fast something is," Dorosh said. "It's about the infrastructure."

What's making it more complicated for midmarket IT leaders, though, are skills, and the money to pay for them, Dorosh said.

"The smaller you are as a company, the smaller your IT staff is, the harder it is to send people off to be trained," he told CRN after his presentation. "That's always been the case."

"Compounding that is, because you can't send people off to get trained [amid a] skills shortage, [that's] driving up the labor rates," he added.

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