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Marketing Do's and Don'ts

27 Dec 2017

Solutions providers share which marketing methods worked the best and which were a bust.

In a recent Business Solutions survey, we asked readers to identify the areas in which they need help from vendors. While the results varied, one common response was that they needed help with marketing. The results echo what we hear repeatedly from attendees at the various events we host throughout the year.

Marketing is a puzzle that most haven’t solved, and many haven’t even begun to work on. I remember when I was a VAR. We didn’t technically have a marketing budget, and we certainly didn’t have someone whose full-time job was to run a marketing program, so our efforts were scattered. If a sales rep for the city bus line came in and pitched us on the ability to put our ad on the buses, ownership would consider it. Whether or not we proceeded had more to do with our current cash flow than how putting ads on buses fit within a marketing plan. That was about 15 years ago. Today, things are more complex. The online world has given rise to hundreds if not thousands of sales and marketing tools, mediums, and activities. While some are affordable, some are quite costly. And, of course, the cost often has little correlation to the results you can expect....

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