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It’s Time to Embrace the Cloud Database

12 Jun 2017

The tremendous growth in the cloud services market provides an immense opportunity for solution providers. According to Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2015–2020, “Enterprise and government organizations are moving from test environments to placing more of their mission-critical workloads into the cloud.  Within the enterprise segment, database/analytics and IoT will be the fastest growing applications, with 22 percent CAGR from 2015 to 2020, or 2.7-fold growth.79 percent in 2015.”

With these growing market demands, the supply of cloud solution providers will continue to grow, creating more competition. While this is good for organizations that are procuring cloud services, it creates increased pressure on your bottom line.  And to remain competitive, you will need to reduce the cost of your services, while providing more competitive service offerings. 

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