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Finding the Voice of the Customer in the Digital Economy

3 Aug 2017

Today’s customers are talking — and their voices have crescendoed to a roar. Over the last decade alone, they’ve been given a colossal platform to be heard and to influence others. Through social media and online review platforms, customer sentiment manifests through pictures, videos and blog posts that go viral daily. And in seemingly snap decisions, the digital economy gets behind certain brands and abandons others.

So, how loud is it?

58% of consumers say they’re more likely to spread the word about their customer experiences today than they were 5 years ago, according to a Zendesk study. 45% of them take to social media to leave specifically negative reviews. And 88% say they have been influenced by online reviews when making buying decisions, showing just how high the stakes can be when customers have subpar experiences.

What about the rate of influence? A study from BrightLocal found that the majority of customers only needed to read 4-6 online reviews before deciding to trust a business last year — proof that just a few customers can tip the scale in favor of or against your brand.

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