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SMB customer IT spend: Barriers and how to overcome them

28 Aug 2017

Channel companies may need to overcome technical and financial obstacles among their SMB customers to encourage them to acquire and adopt new technology.

When approaching a potential customer, Burgess explains, the first thing he does is evaluate the company's IT environment before rushing in with a marketing message. "In the early stages of engaging a potential SMB customer we look for a minimum size in terms of the number of endpoints or some basic level of infrastructure, usually expressed in the number of servers," said Burgess, who is president at Mainstream Technologies Inc., a managed service provider in Little Rock, Ark.

Once the small business warms to Burgess' message and discussions begin, Burgess said the ability to move the conversation from considering the technology to convincing the potential customer to use Mainstream's solutions depends on the size and scope of the customer's business, and its vision for future growth. According to Burgess, there is a continuum due to the two orders of magnitude range between the smallest 'S' and the largest 'M'

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