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Review: Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

12 Sep 2017

Azure IoT Suite can relieve the nightmare of creating infrastructure to support IoT sensors

The Internet of Things – a vast network of connected microdevices, sensors, and small computers generating vast amounts of data – is all around us. In fact, it's hard to find an industry that remains untouched by IoT.

In healthcare, for example, continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps communicate to precisely adjust the level of insulin delivered to a diabetic patient. Wind power companies can use sensors embedded in turbines and spindles, in conjunction with wind forecast data from weather providers, to predict low utilization periods where preventative maintenance can occur. Retailing giant Target leveraged beacon technology to serve up hyperlocal content to its customers, offering deals via its mobile app to move more product off shelves. IoT is pervasive, and it will only continue to grow in momentum and importance.

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