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Livestream: Branch Infrastructure: Shifting to a New World

30 Apr 2018 by Insight Editor

The evolving marketplace demands you create new ways of engaging with customers. But this starts at the often complex and difficult-to-manage heart of your business: your branch or store infrastructure. Join our expert panel as they reveal what it takes to shift from traditional to future-ready and how to know when the time is right.

Tune in to the livestream video to join the discussion. Our experts will help you answer questions such as:

  • How is our competition responding to changes in the marketplace?
  • How will modernizing increase our business agility?
  • What can we do to speed time to market?
  • How can we provide better ongoing support?

Meet the speakers

Curt Cornum

As a vice president for Insight and the chief solution architect, Curt is responsible for envisioning and creating new solutions and service offerings that help clients navigate the changing technology landscape. By understanding industry trends, client needs and the strategic direction of Insight’s key partners, Curt is able to help business and IT leaders develop solution frameworks and reference architectures that use technology to work to deliver meaningful results.

John Casebeer

John uses his more than 20 years of industry experience as Insight’s retail solutions architect to help retailers enhance their customer experience across all channels and provide end-to-end services to design, deploy and support these solutions. He was the principal architect for revamping and cloud-enabling a major natural food grocer’s entire infrastructure. His specialties span business requirement analysis to service management design, network consulting, service engineering and more.

Raj Krishna

Raj has more than a decade of experience in leading networking and wireless technology groups. He currently leads product management and strategy at the Cloud Networking Group of Cisco as the head of product management. Over the course of his career, Raj has successfully led teams developing embedded, application and cloud software products, including networking and wireless infrastructure products. Raj received his B.S. degree in Business and Economics from UCLA in California.