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Webinar:When Minutes Matter: Using Telemedicine for Urgent Care

3 Jan 2018

Telemedicine is revolutionizing healthcare, creating links between patients and doctors whenever and wherever a health issue occurs. From instant access to hospital-based services such as stroke care, health systems such as the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) use telemedicine to provide urgent and critical care services in real time.

Join Michael Adcock, the executive director of UMMC’s Center of Telehealth, as he explains how the health system uses telemedicine to deliver urgent care when it’s needed. He’ll also discuss how patients access the network and are evaluated, and how the health system marshals the resources necessary to meet critical care needs.

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Michael Adcock

Executive Director, UMMC’s Center of Telehealth

Michael started as a staff nurse at UMMC and now works in administration. In his current role, he guides the strategy and expansion of virtual medical care for the health system. He’s also a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives, vice chairman of the Mississippi Telehealth Association’s board of directors, and a member of the American Medical Association’s Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group and Connected Health Initiative.