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Webinar: Solving Your IT Challenges

1 Nov 2018

In this digital age, technology is at the heart of every business and yours can’t grow without a solid IT foundation. But many businesses encounter the same challenges, from ensuring a smooth cloud implementation to enabling a mobile workforce. Watch Insight’s Curt Cornum as he discusses eight of these common IT challenges and how your business can overcome them.

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Curt Cornum

Vice President, Global Business Transformation

Early in his career, Curt spent several years at W.L. Gore & Associates’ Electronic Products Division, where his programming and electronics experience helped him move from manufacturing to purchasing to IT. When the company needed a system to automate a complex sales process, Curt wrote a program and built the network to help integrate sales and procurement with the shop floor. Thus began his networking and security career, which spanned Gore, First Interstate Bank, Bay Networks and Calence, acquired by Insight in 2008.

“Everything you learn along the way adds to the value you can offer others. If I have learned anything during my career, it is that there is no destination. There is only the journey.”

Throughout his career, Curt has worked across the entire value chain, but his passion lies in identifying technology trends and using them to solve tough business challenges. He regularly meets with clients to help them remove technology roadblocks so they can manage today while also transforming for the future.