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Webinar: Simplifying Your Retail & Distributed Enterprise Security

31 Jan 2018

Modern retail and distributed enterprise organizations face a complex set of challenges when it comes to securing their environments. But Insight and Fortinet offer effective end-to-end solutions that can simplify this process — and ensure your entire attack surface is covered.

During this webinar, Fortinet Senior Director Rick Basile provides an overview of Fortinet’s comprehensive security solutions. He also take a deeper dive into how Fortinet® Security Fabric provides the scalability, flexibility and adaptability you need to intelligently detect and respond to threats faster while discussing real-world case studies.

  • Introduction to Fortinet
  • Overview of modern industry challenges
  • Deep-dive into Fortinet Security Fabric solution
  • Application to retail & distributed enterprise environments
  • Real-world examples of successful implementation

Presented by

Rick Basile Headshot

Rick Basile

Senior Director of Systems Engineering, Fortinet

Rick Basile is the Senior Director of Systems Engineering at Fortinet focusing on the Northeast region of the United States. He also sits as a member on the Office of the CTO. Rick has over 25 years of industry experience coupled with extensive networking and telecommunications expertise in the commercial, enterprise, service provider, federal and financial services markets.

Rick began his in the United States Air Force where he served as a security specialist and a computer and switching systems specialist for eight years. Upon leaving active duty in 1997, he spent four years in the networking and security integration space with SBC Data Communications and later joined a service provider focused vendor of virtualized security services.

Since joining Fortinet in 2003, his positions have included leading the financial services vertical and senior engineering responsibilities for pre-sales field resources and the post-sales support organization throughout North America, South America and Australia.