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Livestream: Intelligent Technology Forum:
Cloud Office

19 Jul 2017

In this recorded Livestream, you'll learn the ways a cloud office platform can amplify office productivity, transform communication and accelerate collaboration across your organization. Our visionary speakers discuss:

  • The benefits of transitioning to the cloud
  • What workloads are best for your business
  • How cloud computing can increase office productivity
  • What digital transformations are happening to the cloud

Meet the speakers

Curt Cornum photo

TJ Keitt
Senior Analyst, Forrester

Cited by both Computerworld and the Financial Times, TJ’s research focuses on the business of collaboration software. He serves many customer experience professionals and helps them understand the technology and demographic trends affecting the market they serve.

Stan Lequin photo

Stan Lequin
VP of Consulting Services, Insight

Stan’s expertise lies in meeting business needs through the implementation of IT solutions. His experience ranges from hands-on implementation to IT direction and handling business operations.

david mayer photo

David Mayer
VP, Product Management, Insight

David and his team work to elevate the abilities of Insight’s sales organization to deliver the best value for clients. Additionally, David identifies market opportunities and drives the strategic direction of Insight’s software business, along with its partners.

Chris Waldie Photo

Chris Waldie
Sr. Business Strategy Manager, Microsoft

Chris is responsible for the worldwide business performance of Office 365® advanced workloads and business value programs. He has spent the last 10 years in cloud productivity sales and channel leadership roles in the U.K., Middle East and Africa.

Michelle Reaux Photo

Michelle Reaux
Moderator, Insight

As the senior manager of talent and organization development, Michelle is passionate about ensuring Insight is doing the right things for its teammates. She has bene in the learning and development and/or organization development space her entire career.