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Demo: Insight's Contract Management System + Cisco Smart Net Data

23 Aug 2016 by Insight Editor

Discover the advantages of the Insight Services Portal and see how this contract management solution gives you greater visibility into your Cisco Smart Net Total Care contracts. During this on-demand demo, you'll learn how Insight's contract portal helps you minimize the risk of expiring Smart Net services on all Cisco® hardware and software.

The Insight Services Portal helps you identify what hardware and software you’re using, where it’s located and the efficiency of the Insight technology you are using. Watch our demo to learn about the benefits of this portal, such as:

  • A holistic view into contracts owned by Insight
  • The ability to submit moves, adds and change requests
  • Storage of warranty information from any vendor
  • Electronic notifications of expiring products
  • Budget planning and reporting capabilities
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Presented by Bradley Holder

Bradley is a business development manager at Insight and has more than five years of experience in Cisco Smart Net. He has effectively alleviated the complexity of contract management systems for clients, increased their profitability and helped them work smarter.