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Demo: Build Your Future With Windows Server 2016

1 Feb 2017 by Insight Editor

In Insight’s free, on-demand web demo, you’ll learn what types of Operating Systems (OSs) can best support your business’s efforts in the cloud and why Microsoft® Windows Server® 2016 makes the cut. With today’s concerns about security issues in cloud computing and the high demands of application workloads, an agile and compliant OS is of the essence.

Discover the benefits of Windows Server 2016, including:

  • Operating system security
  • Evolving your infrastructure and freeing IT resources
  • Supporting application innovation using container technology and microservices
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Presented by Matt Missey

As Insight’s senior architect, public cloud, Matt is passionate about leveraging technology to drive business outcomes and solve problems. He has 18+ years of experience focused on Microsoft OSs, virtualization infrastructure and, more recently, public cloud.