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Webinar:Bot Technology Innovation: Apps That Transform Business

24 Oct 2017

Organizations are becoming more comfortable experimenting with AI and automation to drive business innovation. One of the easiest and quickest entries into this space is through chatbots.

If you’re interested in learning how bot technology can help you differentiate your customer experience, this session is for you. Take a deep dive with software development expert Szymon Rozga and explore:

  • Market trends that have caused the rise of chatbots
  • Several common use cases for bot technology
  • How Microsoft and BlueMetal enable business transformation
  • Different tactics to help you start your journey to adoption

Presented by

Szymon Rozga Headshot

Szymon Rozga

With over 15 years of experience in the software development space, Szymon specializes in developing systems across a variety of platforms, from Rails to C to Java to Python to .Net. He has a passion for detailed conversational experiences and is a big proponent of focused and useful bot experiences. He also enjoys leading deep discovery sessions and scoping solutions for his clients and has spent the past few years successfully building chatbot solutions for forward-thinking organizations.