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Case study: Hospice Management Company Stocks Up for Success

11 Oct 2018 by Steve Solomon

Facts at a glance

Client industry:

Hospice management

Size of organization:

26 locations, 1,550 employees


The client frequently ran out of necessary supplies and was forced to make many costly last-minute orders.


  • Single designated employee for inventory
  • Streamlined ordering process
  • Standardized plan to ensure adequate stock


  • Decreased downtime
  • Stock maintained on shelves
  • Greater efficiency
  • Devices refreshed on an organized cycle

Solution area:

Insight’s Supply Chain Optimization solutions simplify the process of procuring, maintaining and replacing the technology clients invest in to run their business.

Most companies would be thrilled to be on a strong growth curve. But when a hospice management organization found itself gaining more than 100 employees each quarter just to stay on top of demands, the growth proved problematic.

The rapid company expansion caused major IT supply chain issues, including lack of stock, sudden equipment breakdowns and expiring licenses. The organization also had serious communication problems with its IT vendors.

The company frequently played catch-up, ordering only on an as-needed basis, which resulted in rushed last-minute orders to various work sites. These constant delays frustrated employees, who depended on reliable computer and server access to do their jobs. Something as simple as a broken cable would cause a major operational issue.

Better planning and communication

When the company’s chief information officer and IT director realized the issues the lack of foresight and advanced planning were causing, they designated an employee to take over the inventory and ordering process — and to manage the relationship with Insight.

A representative from Insight’s Supply Chain Optimization team and the designated employee discussed the client’s past projects, current processes, expectations and upcoming launches. No vendor had ever sat down with the client to actually plan ahead for the future.

No vendor had ever sat down with the client to actually plan ahead for the future.

We initiated an ongoing dialogue with this person to keep him informed about stock and product recommendations at the best possible prices.

New “keep stock on the shelves” initiative

Together, the Insight and client team created a plan to standardize the company’s peripheral PCs and workstations, and to keep shelves stocked to ensure ready access to equipment when needed. We also developed a strategy to help the client be more proactive and prepared for refreshes and software integrations to prevent small problems from escalating.

Because of that success, the team is already at work on long-term plans to fuel even more efficiency, including upgrading the client’s appliances and reimaging all new devices and servers. These long-term strategies will help the company run far more efficiently and focus attention on more important tasks, instead of wasting valuable time on deployments, order delays, and working with outdated hardware and software.

Strong partner relationships

We were able to secure major discounts for the client that have stabilized costs. We also drew on our deep relationships with Microsoft, Dell EMC, Adobe, Trend Micro and other partners to meet the client’s every need.

Looking ahead, we’re working with the company to upgrade software efficiency and refresh devices on an organized schedule. Thanks to our Supply Chain Optimization solutions, the organization is running much more efficiently.

“We now have a firm game plan moving forward on how to decrease this company’s downtime and keep items on the shelves,” says Caroline Wood, an Insight sales representative. “There is better communication all around, and they are months ahead on their refreshes.”

“We now have a firm game plan moving forward on how to decrease this company’s downtime and keep items on the shelves.”

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