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Case study: Government Agency Improves Data Availability and Uptime

15 Oct 2018 by Isabel Ticlo

Facts at a glance

Client industry:

State and local government


The client needed to update its servers and storage within budget and compliance standards to improve data availability and uptime.


  • Dell EMC VxRail Appliance, powered by VMware vSAN
  • Dell EMC Data Domain backup appliance


  • 1-hour backup instead of 7−8 hours
  • 10x faster front-end input/output performance
  • Lower and more predictable maintenance costs
  • Eliminated downtime

Solution area:

Insight’s Supply Chain Optimization solutions simplify the process of procuring, maintaining and replacing the technology clients invest in to run their business.

To be effective in business today requires timely access to data. If that access is hampered in any way, it can have a cascading effect on the organization and its customers.

The organization needed a solution that would quickly and seamlessly replace its legacy infrastructure.

A state and local government agency faced that dilemma. The agency’s aging IT environment limited data availability and caused intermittent system failure during the third shift of each day, leaving the agency unable to focus on its mission-critical objectives or reach its operational goals. Lengthy, time-consuming data backups added to the problem.

Tackling a storage and server refresh

To continue to operate and serve the public effectively, the organization needed a solution that would quickly and seamlessly replace its legacy infrastructure — so its teams could collect, store, process, secure and manage data in the office or in the field.

The agency wanted a simple, easy-to-use solution that wouldn’t require micro-managing. Employees didn’t have seven to eight hours a day to waste waiting for data to back up to the system — or for the outdated IT environment to reboot.

Armed with the goals of improving performance speed, enhancing data availability and drastically reducing backup wait time, the agency set out to find a solution that would fit its stringent budget constraints and compliance requirements.

Insight’s Supply Chain Optimization team stepped up to the challenge.

A solution to handle any workload

Insight recommended the adoption of the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance solution, powered by VMware vSAN. It would be a natural fit for the VMware-based organization, making for a smooth, simple and fast transition.

VxRail reduced data backup from a seven- to eight-hour process to only one hour.

VxRail, a hyperconverged infrastructure, is built to quickly run storage-intensive workloads and launch applications at any scale.

Improving productivity and response time

Having the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance in place enabled the client to deliver on its mission to effectively serve the public with 10x faster front-end input/output performance, lower and more predictable maintenance costs, and a three-year guaranteed warranty.

Perhaps most significantly, VxRail reduced data backup from a seven- to eight-hour process to only one hour with the Dell EMC Data Domain backup appliance, powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Data Domain systems ensure data recoverability while reducing data duplication.

As a result of the agency’s technology environment refresh, data is constantly available to employees, and system downtime has been eliminated.

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