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Case study: Driving End-User Satisfaction With Apple and VMware

10 Oct 2018 by Jillian Sloan

Facts at a glance

Client industry:

Travel and hospitality

Size of organization:

80,000+ employees


The client needed to modernize its global IT environment with a robust Mac as a Choice program in conjunction with Microsoft devices to improve end-user satisfaction.


  • Insight Managed Mobility
  • VMware Workspace ONE
  • Comprehensive business assessment
  • Rapid integration and deployment strategy


  • Saved 4.5 hours in labor and configuration per unit
  • Streamlined ordering and support
  • Automated, role-based device setup
  • Improved quality, consistency and security

Solution area:

Insight’s Connected Workforce solutions are a suite of end-user compute offerings designed to simplify IT management while improving connectivity and collaboration. 

Today’s workforce expects familiar, intuitive technology experiences to help them be productive — and that involves working on different IT platforms. But managing a diverse environment of Microsoft and Apple operating systems and devices can be a difficult undertaking for IT. 

That’s the challenge a global enterprise needed to tackle head-on. With a 90-year history and worldwide operations, the travel business wanted to transform from a service company to an experience company in order to compete in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, where younger demographics demand technology choice.

It became clear the company needed to augment its ad hoc Apple device policy with a comprehensive Mac as a Choice program.

Meeting demands

The company largely operated a Microsoft computing environment and granted the macOS platform as a one-off solution. As a new generation of employees began to flourish in the workplace, it became clear the company needed to augment its ad hoc Apple device policy with a comprehensive Mac as a Choice program.

To ensure end-user satisfaction, the solution needed to include operational support for teammates and faster time to deployment. Additionally, it had to address security gaps.

Lacking sufficient IT bandwidth in-house, the company sought a partner that could help launch an as-a-choice model for its employees and provide end-to-end support.

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider with managed mobility services designed specifically for Apple, Insight emerged as the perfect partner to help. Our end-to-end Insight Managed Mobility solution — spanning everything from deployment and Device as a Service (DaaS) to technology roadmaps and more — positioned us to alleviate the company’s internal IT burdens and expand its as-a-choice program with ease.

Understanding the landscape

In selecting a partner, the company used criteria that weighed multiple areas of expertise and capabilities, from assessment and consultative tasks to delivering technical changes and management tools.

Our assessments and workshops to understand the client’s unique needs and culture, as well as our methods of leveraging best practices used within the travel industry, sealed Insight as the partner of choice. The client also liked our ability to execute with knowledgeable resources and to supply macOS devices and accessories from our supply chain configured to employee needs.

Insight’s Connected Workforce team evaluated the client’s existing infrastructure, tools, applications, and governance and support processes to determine the best strategy moving forward. We also gathered input from stakeholders within the business. That information helped us develop an end-to-end project plan.

This significantly decreased labor and configuration time from an average of 5.5 hours to just one hour per endpoint, per unit.

Streamlined configuration

We landed on a simplified device management solution: VMware Workspace ONE. Our team created the VMware Workspace ONE profiles, applications and configurations to work with the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). We also developed a set of macOS catalog configurations (endpoint and accessory bundles) and leveraged our Advanced Integration Lab capabilities to add kitting, asset tagging and accessory bundling to new macOS devices.

Transitioning to execute macOS endpoint technology configurations “over the wire” to the end user optimized the deployment process. This significantly decreased labor and configuration time from an average of 5.5 hours to just one hour per endpoint, per unit. Additionally, removing the human element increased quality, consistency and security.

Improved support

The Connected Workforce team spent an extended period of time with on-site services to develop and deliver ongoing support for the conversion of existing macOS devices into the new Mac as a Choice configuration.

Using VMware Workspace ONE simplified support and improved the end-user experience because macOS units are standardized with applications and configuration based on the respective employee role. VMware Workspace ONE also eliminated security gaps by integrating with Apple DEP to enable consistent application configuration and automatic security updates.

In partnership with Insight, the client successfully and efficiently built its Mac as a Choice program to meet the needs of its evolving workforce. Now, the company is prepared to scale this offering with confidence.

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