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Case study: A Top Healthcare Provider Optimizes IT Supply Chain

16 Nov 2018 by Steve Solomon

Facts at a glance

Client industry:


Size of company:

50,000+ employees


The client wanted to eliminate inefficiencies and workflow issues, improve its procurement process and optimize its entire IT supply chain.


  • Insight's procurement integration
  • Advanced Integration Lab


  • Reduced IT & operational costs
  • Streamlined e-procurement
  • Automated device configuration, tagging & etching
  • Faster order delivery

Solution area:

Insight’s Supply Chain Optimization solutions simplify the process of procuring, maintaining and replacing the technology clients invest in to run their business.

A growing healthcare organization that had built a long legacy of excellence is now one of the nation’s top healthcare providers and a leading nonprofit employer in the communities it serves.

That same growth that allowed the organization to expand services and improve patient care was causing inefficiencies and workflow issues. The company created several programs to reduce patient costs and lower supply expenses while increasing productivity. But the effort was hindered by an outdated IT supply chain that couldn’t keep up with the organization’s ever-changing needs.

The organization needed to improve its procurement processes, optimize its entire IT supply chain and integrate ongoing acquisitions.

The company’s do-it-yourself approach could no longer support the complexities of a fast-growing enterprise.

After trying to work through a variety of inefficiencies and workflow issues, the company decided to seek an IT partner that would be able to meet its multifaceted requirements.

Customized IT solutions

The organization reached out to Insight because of our long history of customizing technology solutions for a wide variety of healthcare clients. Always ready for a big challenge, our Supply Chain Optimization team understood the client’s unique needs. As a leader in providing smart, cutting-edge technology solutions, we offered full transparency on pricing that allowed us to maximize discounts.

“The client chose us over both its current provider and several competitors because we could fundamentally change its business model, automate processes and drive costs down,” explains Insight Account Executive Elizabeth Rennie.

On time, on target

The Supply Chain Optimization team quickly implemented a procurement integration solution that unified the client's existing systems into a single process, which simplified quotes, purchases, invoicing and payments. The solution also reduced workloads, accelerated order delivery times and automated processes, freeing employees to focus on higher-priority tasks.

In addition, we helped the client refresh its devices and hardware with a new, streamlined process. Previously, the company shipped devices to multiple vendors for etching and manually configured and tagged devices using internal IT staff.

The Supply Chain Optimization team quickly implemented a procurement integration solution that unified the client's existing systems into a single process.

Now, purchased devices such as notebooks, desktops, tablets, endpoints and wireless access points are automatically configured, tagged and etched in our Advanced Integration Lab before being delivered to end users. This consolidated procedure has reduced the cost of freight and services, freed internal IT personnel and dramatically improved process times.

“As [the client]’s organization has scaled across the West, their IT environment has become more diverse and distributed,” adds Dave Cristal, vice president and general manager of Insight Enterprises West and Insight Public Sector.

“[The client] has invested smartly in e-procurement solutions that make sense for their entire health system. In doing so, they’re driving efficiencies and freeing time and resources to focus on delivering top-notch service to internal users and patients alike.”

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