A doctor using a tablet

Health Tech Innovations Open Doors to Convergence

3 Jun 2015 by Christine Kern

Far beyond the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and telehealth capabilities that allow for interoperability and exchange of personal health information (PHI), innovations in health tech are merging into new forms that bring together different types of media and applications. That is convergence in healthcare.

Advances in technology now offer both patients and providers exciting new opportunities to improve outcomes, minimize hospital stays and streamline caregiver costs. IEEE Computer Society released its top 10 technology trends for 2015, stating that, “In the coming year, while consumers will be treated to a dizzying array of augmented reality, low-cost 3D printers and wearables, computer researchers will be tackling the underlying technology issues that make such cutting-edge consumer electronics products possible.”

The convergence of technology in healthcare includes:

As the emphasis in healthcare is increasingly on patient satisfaction ratings and the shift from pay-for-service to value-based payment models, healthcare organizations will be turning more and more to technology to optimize their systems. Technological advances from point of care, infrastructure/data center, telehealth, security and services will each play an important role in ensuring the success of your healthcare organization.

Insight is ready to help your healthcare organization with this convergence. We can show you how to capitalize on technology to produce the best outcomes at the greatest efficiency possible, using unified communications and collaboration. From the delivery of real-time patient information to the growing use of EMRs, healthcare is evolving and you need the technology to evolve with it.