Infographic: Insight Survey Reveals Top Enterprise IT Trends

6 May 2019

Organizations today are discovering new realities around the cloud and data center, IT supply chain management, the modern workplace and digital transformation. For the 2019 Insight Intelligent Technology Index, we surveyed 400 IT professionals to assess how they’re optimizing technology to unlock these growth opportunities. Explore the key takeaways.

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

Insight Survey Reveals Top Enterprise IT Trends

What keeps IT pros up at night about the state of IT

  • 35% Security/safety
  • 22% Upgrading infrastructure
  • 20% Optimizing IT operations (performance/customer service)
  • 10% Staffing/IT talent
  • 7% Controlling IT costs

Organizations are very effectively using technology to improve …

  • 66% Business operations
  • 72% The customer experience

Technology advancements expected to have the greatest impact on IT

  • 44% Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning services
  • 18% Systems integrators that can build a hybrid data environment
  • 11% Digital workplace collaboration tools

Top challenges for managing cloud spending

  • 50% Determining best-fit workloads for public, private and hybrid cloud
  • 42% Planning and allocating budget for cloud consumption
  • 40% Lack of visibility of used services at the cost center, workload and app level
  • 33% Lack of clarity around pricing
  • 32% Dealing with shadow IT projects

The most critical technologies to digital innovation initiatives in the last 24 months

  • 62% Cloud
  • 50% Advanced analytics (AI, big data and machine learning)
  • 44% Mobile devices and applications
  • 34% The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • 33% Collaboration technologies

The most critical objectives for digital innovation within organizations

  • 52% Improve operations and business processes
  • 47% Improve customer experience and customer relationships
  • 39% Make employees more productive
  • 38% Develop new products and/or services
  • 34% Improve relationships with partners

IT supply chain areas that require the most improvement

  • 47% E-procurement systems
  • 47% Using providers to streamline the hardware lifecycle
  • 46% Using a self-service e-commerce platform
  • 45% Access to purchasing analytics
  • 45% Using software asset management tools/services

Planned investments in the next 12 months to modernize the end-user experience

  • 45% Switching to cloud architectures for improved identity and access management
  • 42% Introducing more self-service and automation features
  • 39% Migrating services and workloads to cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft®® Office 365®
  • 38% Expanding access to mobile computing devices
  • 36% Implementing provisioning for operating systems and applications