Infographic: The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition

6 Dec 2018

Many businesses recognize the need to modernize IT infrastructure, skills, and processes in order to drive business innovation. However, the journey to IT transformation is not one size fits all. An Insight-commissioned IDG Survey explores how IT leaders are navigating this complex process.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Infographic displaying The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition. Translated below.

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition

IT transformation is a complex journey that evolves as business needs change. An Insight-commissioned IDG Survey reveals how far IT leaders have come, what steps they’ve taken, the barriers they face, and their approach to cloud strategy and execution.

What’s the state of IT transformation?

51% of businesses have stalled or abandoned some transformation initiatives. That includes 65% of enterprises with more than 10,000 employees.

44% have made no process, operational or technology changes.

62% have not documented and communicated a transformation strategy.

Aged IT infrastructure hinders transformation. 64% rank legacy systems #1 among the top five barriers, which include security, technology silos, budget and competing priorities.

Technology change is slower than people & process changes. 64% of those who have begun an IT transformation have undergone a team reorganization. Only three of the ten most-performed preparations are technology-related.

Foundational cloud strategy steps are missing. Nearly one in four don't have a documented cloud strategy — though they may be running workloads in the cloud. Only 28% have both documented and communicated their strategy.

“Cloud first” is embraced by 75% but definitions vary. 45% define it as “cloud only” policy. 30% define it as “cloud priority” (hybrid). 25% have rejected a “cloud first” policy.

Transformation progress is impacted by cloud strategy. Of those with the most progress, 63% have a “cloud priority” hybrid strategy, 23% have a cloud-only policy and 14% are not “cloud first.”

4 key challenges impede cloud strategy execution:

  1. Deciding what workloads to move to the cloud [72%].
  2. Defining new tool needs [70%].
  3. Resistance to change [70%].
  4. Choosing cloud deployment models [69%].

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