Infographic: Modern Workplace Utopia: 4 Ways to Get There

4 Oct 2018 by Insight Editor

The next generation of workers is driving new challenges for IT. In this infographic, learn what complications your IT teams should prioritize — and how to overcome them.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Infographic displaying Modern Workplace Utopia: 4 Ways to Get There. Translated below.

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

Modern Workplace Utopia | 4 Ways to Get There

Systems are converging, demands are rising — and the IT industry is experiencing a wake-up call to build better workplaces. Here are the areas you need to dominate to reach the new world of modern IT management.

Simplified technology

Legacy tech — it’s one of the biggest obstacles on the path to the new world. The shift (both technically and culturally) from legacy, complex systems will be a catalyst on the journey. Winning IT teams will engage resources to build mobile, cloud-centric strategies that enable more streamlined ways of working and low-touch ways of managing.

  • Mobile
  • Cloud-centric
  • Low-touch management

Secure environments

Industry leaders won’t just enable new ways of working; They’ll do whatever it takes to protect their end users, systems and data.

This will entail investing in best-in-class platforms with advanced enterprise security features — such as Windows® 10, Microsoft 365, InTune and more.

  • End-to-end protection
  • Newer platforms
  • Advanced security features

Superior collaboration and productivity

At the end of the day, the new workforce has to, well, work. Investing in modern collaboration tech will be key here — whether it’s new messaging platforms, augmented reality tools, or custom company apps.

  • Team-centric messaging
  • Emerging tech
  • Optimized business apps

Powerful end-user experiences

By delighting end users with consumer-inspired technology, organizations enjoy higher retention rates and attract more talent.

A big component to this will include embracing shift-left concepts such as self-service tools, offering modern, persona-based devices and supporting mobile work in the cloud.

  • Shift-left IT
  • Devices tailored to job role
  • Seamless mobile work

Starting the journey

You can’t start a journey without knowing the roadblocks ahead. Insight’s Connected Workforce solutions solve a wide range of IT challenges to help you conquer the end-user compute landscape (at a pace that works for you).