Infographic: 6 Common End-User Compute Challenges (And Their Solutions)

17 Sep 2018 by Insight Editor

From mobility to deployment to support, IT pros are exhausting resources to build a modern workplace. We break down 6 of the biggest end-user compute challenges — and how Insight’s full suite of offerings can solve each one.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

Infographic displaying 6 Common End-User Compute Challenges. Translated below.

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

6 Common End-User Compute Challenges (And Their Solutions)

The challenge: Inefficient and costly end-user support models

Consider: Workplace Services

An end-user support offering that fuses traditional service capabilities (such as service desk) with modern self-service and automation to enable and support your workforce

What to expect:

Working as an extension of your IT support team, you’ll transform your end-user environment by lowering support costs, increasing IT bandwidth and improving experiences for modern end users.

The challenge: Wide-scale technology deployment

Consider: Insight Managed Deployment

A comprehensive offering that leverages a broad range of project management resources and field technicians to streamline your wide-scale technology rollouts

What to expect

By connecting your business to modern technology at-scale, you’ll shorten your technology cycle, eliminate downtime and drive more consistent experiences for employees and customers across every location.

The challenge: Planning and executing a mobile initiative

Consider: Insight Managed Mobility

An end-to-end mobility offering that helps you plan, execute, secure and maintain a workforce mobility initiative. This includes consulting & design, integration & deployment, and ongoing managing & refresh services.

What to expect

Guided by mobility best practices, you’ll adopt a full-scale mobile strategy that frees IT bandwidth, enables operational efficiencies and drives meaningful, secure experiences for your mobile workforce.

The challenge: Legacy IT management model

Consider: Insight Managed Office

A Device as a Service (DaaS) offering that bundles devices, cloud-based applications and full-scale managed services in one per-user monthly subscription

What to expect

The summit of our Connected Workforce solutions suite, Insight Managed Office orchestrates everything your IT teams need, from devices to apps and full-scale lifecycle and managed services. You’ll achieve zero-touch IT management, control costs and drive better end-user experiences.

The challenge: Highly administrative support for Office 365 suite

Consider: Managed Office 365

A heightened support offering for the entire Office 365 environment, which includes tenant incident resolution, advisory support, technology road mapping, premiere reporting and analysis and more.

What to expect

With Insight managed services supporting Office 365, you’ll be able to focus on your core business. Ensure peak performance of your applications with a responsive, knowledgeable support team available to you 24/7.

The challenge: Inconsistent or disruptive workplace technology experiences

Consider: Insight Managed Collaboration

A Unified Collaboration and Communications (UC&C) offering that integrates with your existing environment, creating one platform for on-site contact center and cloud collaboration tools across the entire organization.

What to expect

With instant access to files and programs in one platform, you’ll improve connectivity, productivity and collaboration for your workforce — anytime, anywhere.

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