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Flash Storage & Predictive Analytics: A Winning Combination

27 Feb 2018 by Joanna Furlong

Applications are the behind-the-scenes driver to your company’s success. An average company may rely on hundreds of software applications to power the business, from marketing software to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and payroll software.

When these applications run as expected, the business hums along and teams experience peak productivity. Failures and delays, however, can have the opposite effect.

IT organizations are always looking to close the notorious app-data gap — the delay users experience when applications become disrupted. These “gaps” aren’t just an inconvenience or annoyance; they may affect real business outcomes. Projects stall, call centers experience backups, and major decisions on products and pricing can go in the wrong direction.

What can be done about the app-data gap?

IT professionals constantly grapple with how to close the app-data gap. No doubt, storage is part of the problem (and the solution). But application delays are likely also due to the increased complexity in data center infrastructure overall. So, while flash storage is a solid solution for many — or, at least, a start — it can only take you so far.

What happens when you combine the power of flash storage with the advances of machine learning? This reveals a new solution for IT professionals: intelligent storage, backed by predictive analytics capabilities, which opens the door to predicting and resolving issues before they occur.

This is exactly what HPE Nimble Storage looks to do. It combines high-performance flash storage and sophisticated analytics. The result: a far simpler solution with a big boost in benefits.

This is no ordinary storage.

Nimble Storage is powered by HP InfoSight, a machine learning technology that leverages millions of sensors by the second to predict and prevent problems, before you’re even aware of them. InfoSight is constantly learning and evolving with your business, creating a foundation for a true autonomous infrastructure.

This leads to an impressively fast, headache-free experience. Nimble Storage offers several other benefits as well. For example, it provides an impressive six nines of availability. In fact, it’s guaranteed on all arrays, no strings (or extra fees) attached.

Additionally, your investment should last you, meaning HPE Nimble Storage removes you from the strain of “rip and replace” cycles. It’s designed to scale with your business as your data needs evolve and grow.

And finally, it’s affordable. Features such as encryption and replication don’t cost extra. And support is included indefinitely — as long as you need it.

An asset to a flexible cloud environment

If you’re still debating what kind of cloud environment you need, HPE Nimble Storage won’t hold you back. It works in multicloud environments. It can migrate between on premises and the public cloud and gives you dependable backup protection across both. There’s no need to re-architect your cloud to make HPE Nimble Storage fit — it will fit in with your existing environments.

An opportunity to simplify your storage

The question is not if data storage will become more complex. It’s whether your business is prepared for the changes on the horizon. HPE Nimble Storage offers an opportunity to use state-of-the-art technology to keep up with the pace of business. Business users will benefit from improvements in productivity and availability, while IT organizations will be able to focus on other priorities once their storage is under control.

Simplify your storage.

Insight and HPE will help you choose the right cloud-ready storage solution for your business.

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