Infographic:10 Ways to Optimize IT Costs

12 Jan 2018

Now, more than ever, the IT department is tasked with both supporting and growing the business — a tall order not always accounted for in resource allocation. Discover 10 ways to make the most of your IT budget.

Accessibility note: The infographic is translated below the graphic.

10 Ways to Optimize IT Costs

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Infographic text included for screen readers:

Today, the majority of IT budgets and time go to maintaining existing infrastructure. But the role of the IT department is changing to both support and grow the business. You need to be able to do much more with the resources you have. Here are 10 ways to optimize your IT budget.

1. Streamline procurement.

23% of IT decision-makers indicate budget is a top challenge.

An e-procurement solution can save you time and money by simplifying:

  • Procurement
  • Maintenance
  • Technology refreshes

2. Enable self-service.

An e-procurement solution gives you 24/7 access to:

  • Purchasing options
  • Order tracking
  • Custom workflows & approvals
  • Unique user profiles

3. Consolidate your vendors.

15% of IT decision-makers cite vendor selection as a top challenge.

Folding all of your IT assets under a single vendor:

  • Simplifies management
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves visibility

4. Leverage the cloud.

23% of CIO/CTOs and 19% of procurement agree service-based solutions1 should receive the most budget moving forward.

When done right, cloud computing can minimize downtime and needed storage space, providing:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Greater agility
  • Flexibility and scalability

5. Optimize software licensing.

In 2016, 57% of companies invested in software as a cloud service, and 51% invested in security as a cloud service.

Stored and delivered via the cloud, SaaS:

  • Eliminates maintenance costs
  • Enables regular app upgrades
  • Makes customizations transferrable

6. Offload hardware management.

Procuring, imaging and deploying devices can be a heavy lift for IT teams. A partner can help you:

  • Manage deployment.
  • Relieve strain on IT resources.
  • Enable faster configuration & support.

7. Plan strategic refresh cycles.

More than 30% of IT professionals report ongoing maintenance and support is their biggest pain point.

Maintaining aging technology can be costly and risky. Regular IT refreshes:

  • Avoid surprise costs.
  • Increase reliability.
  • Boost protection from cyberthreats.

8. Invest in innovation.

45% of IT professionals report an IT budget shift for system upgrades and/or maintenance.

It’s critical to align your IT budget for both maintaining existing equipment and adopting new tech. This:

  • Creates new ways to improve operations
  • Supports business growth

9. Find a valuable partner.

At Insight, we understand the tension between simultaneously running and innovating your business. We’ll work with you to:

  • Drive cost, time & resources out of operations.
  • Fund innovations.

1Service-based solutions are cloud computing resources, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Data as a Service (DaaS) hosted by a third party and made available to customers via any device with an internet connection and web browser.