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Maximize Your SQL Server Upgrade With Insight Hybrid Cloud Solutions

29 Mar 2017 by Joanna Furlong

SQL Server 2016 customers around the globe are intrigued by the SQL Server upgrade’s robust features. But planning for a full-scale migration, or even an update, can be challenging for businesses of all sizes. Cascading the full benefits of the software’s rich features to your business partners takes yet another leap.

SQL Server 2016 is within your reach. It’s much more than a data platform — SQL Server has the power to transform your business, give you a competitive edge and empower every worker at every level.

Why SQL Server 2016?

When Microsoft released SQL Server 2016, the company unveiled an impressive new build of its tried-and-proven data platform.

Everyone benefits, on all sides of the table. Developers get access to powerhouse features, such as PolyBase, R Services, Stretch Database and AlwaysOn Availability. These tools enhance the data platform with stronger analytics and built-in disaster recovery and scalability options. And, they make IT professionals’ jobs easier by freeing up time and resources to enable the business — versus wrestling with the details, such as where your data is stored or how long a query takes.

On the business side, users experience lightning-fast transactions with in-memory Online Transaction Processing (OLTP). Businesses move fast; SQL Server 2016 can keep pace. Every user can access, publish and share reports directly from their mobile devices if they wish. But what SQL Server really does is allow everyone to focus on business innovation rather than being hampered by how their wish list roadmap can be achieved. SQL Server 2016 makes it all possible. The performance is there, the scalability is there, and data is at your fingertips.

But how can you go beyond a migration or upgrade? How can you use the SQL Server upgrade to transform your business?

Insight hybrid cloud solutions to the rescue

From small businesses to enterprises, IT professionals are under pressure to deliver solutions that enable business. Whether it’s strategy, skills or time you require, Insight has the expertise and team to fill in the gaps. Here are just a few of the ways clients count on Insight to help round out their SQL Server 2016 investment:

  • Hybrid Cloud Assessment and roadmap discovery
    Insight can review your entire business and streamline inconsistences, evaluate opportunities and fully integrate SQL Server 2016.
  • Modern data architecture and real-time analytics
    Data is your most valuable business asset. Insight can help you harness its full potential, from the DevOps end to the business user.
  • Security assessment
    SQL Server 2016 is just the start of a more secure data warehouse. Insight can evaluate your entire network to enhance your security and provide you with more insight and control of your data.
  • Total management
    Scale up and count on Insight as an extension of your team. We can remotely manage and monitor your entire cloud infrastructure.

SQL Server in action

Insight is passionate about providing solutions that help clients succeed. The engagement is completely customized to clients’ needs and businesses. From strategy to architecture and testing, we’re by your side every step of the way. Our goal is to not only deliver a valuable business-changing service, but to create customized SQL Server applications that are easy to manage, maintain and grow.

We’ve built custom workforce applications for a nationwide healthcare provider, fully scaled to work in a multitenant environment. We’ve built Internet of Things (IoT) reporting capabilities that layer over big data frameworks, allowing clients to capture insights about their thousands of connected devices. We’ve created predictive models that have enabled clients to offer superior customer engagements.

Hybrid cloud solutions like these have the power to make a real business impact and change the ways customers experience your brand. Smart organizations can create innovations that work with their data to poise them for growth.

You don’t have to do it alone. Talk to an Insight specialist to learn more about how we can help you see real return on investment in your SQL Server upgrade.

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