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Mobile Creative Tools Are Proven to Enhance Worker Productivity

16 Nov 2017 by Joanna Furlong

If there’s anything that disrupts the creative process, it’s frustrating workflows and collaboration roadblocks. Creative thinkers require creative tools that enable innovation in moments of both inspiration and pressure. This may mean updating a file on the fly, sharing design concepts for fast feedback or making last-minute changes to an important project from the road.

Unfortunately, most creative thinkers and designers haven’t reached that reality yet, but not for lack of trying. While they work toward lightbulb moments of inspiration, they must ensure their designs adhere to strict corporate guidelines. And once they achieve that, updating multiple assets can easily take hours. Meanwhile, creative workers are further stymied by searching for the information they need to do their jobs.

The answer: Mobile productivity

Adobe Creative Cloud software is helping creative professionals work efficiently on the go. Workers who have access to their design and creative tools from any mobile device are proven to be more productive, and most workers expect a certain level of mobile productivity. The ubiquitous nature of laptops, notebooks and tablets is proof of that. Professionals of all types value flexibility and being able to work and collaborate from their homes, their morning commutes or even their hotel rooms. The needs of creative professionals are no different.

Creating in the moment shouldn’t depend on pricey and possibly bulky equipment. It should be easy. Adobe Creative Cloud makes it possible: Designers can update mood boards from their phone, sketch concepts on a tablet or brainstorm color palettes from their living room. The result: a speedy creative process (and, hopefully, a happy creative professional).

Easy creative collaboration

Creative professionals don’t work in a vacuum — they rely on broader teams for feedback and creative collaboration. Adobe Creative Cloud allows for file synchronization. This makes files available from any location and gives users the ability to share with anyone.

One of the best parts: version tracking. Sharing designs via the cloud ensures consistency. There’s no need to email bulky files, use a third-party sharing service or wonder if your users are marking up the latest version.

Fast asset updates

The heart of any creative department is the creative library. However, one or two updates across assets can take up to 20 minutes — causing workers to stop what they’re doing and wait, mid-creative process.

Adobe Creative Cloud makes it possible to share these critical assets around the world via the cloud — with no delay. Style sheets, color palettes, logos — everything is available to everyone on the team, regardless of where they’re working on any given day.

Updating all instances of an asset is also simplified. Creative Cloud has libraries that allow for auto-updating, eliminating the repetitive process of asset management.

Mobile-enabled capabilities, fast sharing and always up-to-date software enhance worker productivity. Adobe Creative Cloud, available from Insight, can accelerate project workflows for your organization and keep your employees happy.

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