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How to Improve Efficiency at Work With Acrobat DC

5 Sep 2017 by Jillian Sloan

Have you ever spent a busy day at work and then, at the end of it, wondered what you actually accomplished? A 2016 European research study by Adobe found that employees spend 6.8 hours — about one full working day — per week on office administration tasks.

Tedious activities such as retyping content, entering data into a spreadsheet and chasing down documents for approval or signature add up to a lot of busy work, keeping employees from higher-value tasks.

Digital workflows with Adobe Document Cloud — which comprises Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign and mobile apps — help streamline and speed document management tasks for increased productivity, even on the go. For workers searching for how to improve efficiency at work, Acrobat DC offers the most flexible PDF solution — with dynamic editing features to help employees begin new projects without starting over.

Easily edit PDFs.

As the original creator of the Portable Document Format (PDF), Adobe continues to innovate its solution as a multipurpose tool. Advanced features in Acrobat DC let you accomplish myriad tasks.

For example, built-in editing capabilities let you effortlessly:

  • Fix a typo, edit or add text.
  • Crop or swap images.
  • Find and replace changes.
  • Rearrange pages.

These editing tools are particularly beneficial when you need to edit a PDF but a source file can’t be found. Editing features are also available on cellphones and tablets with the Acrobat Reader mobile app, so you can work efficiently from anywhere, on any device.

Microsoft application integration

Having to retype information is a prime source of inefficiency. Acrobat DC removes that hurdle by making it easier than ever to repurpose PDF content into familiar Microsoft applications.

Start new projects without wasting time retyping copy when you export a PDF to Word. Acrobat DC preserves your content and formatting in the new Word document. If you only need parts of the PDF content, you can highlight smaller sections of text to copy and paste into Word. Even hard-copy documents can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet and converted to text.

You can also export your PDF to Excel and avoid re-entering data. Acrobat will automatically convert your PDF tables into an Excel spreadsheet with your information, columns and formatting preserved.

Go from proposal to presentation in less time by converting your PDF to PowerPoint. Master layout, bullets, tables and objects all carry over from PDF to PowerPoint so you can begin right away without starting at square one — even on mobile devices.

Acrobat DC also includes seamless integration into Microsoft products with a ribbon, giving you an additional toolbar from which to accomplish various PDF tasks without disrupting your workflow.

Easy file sharing and collaboration

In Adobe’s European study, 96% of survey respondents reported that “seemingly simple office tasks, such as printing and emailing documents, are the biggest time culprits.” Sharing files or collecting feedback can be cumbersome and time-consuming using traditional methods. Even digital workflows can cause challenges if recipients are required to download or sign up for extra software.

Adobe simplifies file sharing in a user-friendly experience. Simply upload your file to Adobe Document Cloud and share it using a link. Users can view the linked document from any operating system or device. Share anything from a PDF to a video file without bogging down email or worrying about a poor user experience.

Adobe also enables you to send reminders to recipients to view your documents — and receive notifications when they do, to help you keep projects on track.

Collect feedback and review by committee more efficiently with Acrobat DC. Recipients can make edits and comments to a PDF or use a mobile device to draw on a document with their fingers. Edits are synced, and email notifications of recent changes keep everyone up-to-date. Collaboration has never been easier.

Custom forms and e-signature

Organizations can improve efficiency at work and reclaim hours spent preparing forms with Adobe Fill & Sign. Useful in nearly every department, from human resources to procurement, teams can create branded, templated digital forms and send electronically for completion or e-signature.

You can also create an autofill collection with your saved information, enabling you to complete forms faster, even on a mobile device. Fill & Sign expedites business-critical tasks in a secure digital format.

Work smarter.

Adobe Acrobat DC offers a wide range of digital tools to help you cut down on mundane tasks and get to the heart of business. Save time — and money — with seamless digital workflows that reduce paper waste, provide practical shortcuts to help you work more efficiently and help you keep a pulse on projects in motion.

Raise the bar on productivity.

Insight and Adobe will help you increase efficiency and output with best-in-class digital document solutions.

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